How do I set up a wholesale account?

There is no need to set up an account, the size of your order will determine your bulk discount.  The majority of all of the products you see are available by the yard.  Occasionally products are offered by the roll as indicated in the Product Title.

How long until I get my order?

The shipping time will be indicated in the product page.  Typically all of our products ship in 1-3 business days.  If for some reason your order is out of stock you will be notified by customer service.

Can I get some samples?

Yes! We love offering free samples! You will see our Sample Request tab on the Home Page menu.  There you will find a request form.

 What is the Return Policy?

To view our Return Policy please click here: THE BURLAP FACTORY:RETURNS

Why should I order from The Burlap Factory?

Besides offering the most competitive prices on orders of any size, we love to help! Sourcing materials for your new product, party, project or idea should be a lot of fun.  We want to help you make the best choice, which is why we offer FREE SAMPLES! If you are ordering one yard or one thousand yards your project is important to us.

Do you have a physical store?

Although we do not have your standard brick and mortar store front.  We do have a great office and warehouse in Winder, Ga where we service and fill your orders as quickly as possible.  If you are local and would like to pick up your order give us a call.


What is Burlap?

Burlap is an amazingly strong and tear resistance fabric woven from jute.  It is commonly used to make twine and sacking.  It can be dyed, printed or sewn.  

Does the Burlap have a smell?

Most of of our Line Grade burlaps have been treated and finished to diminish the natural smell of burlap (jute fiber).  Even still, when you receive your burlap and unpackage it, you may notice a slight burlap smell due to being sealed for shipping.  Once you are able roll out your burlap and let it get some air the smell will dissipate.  If you are sensitive to the smell and would like to get the look of burlap, we do offer Faux Burlap in several natural shades.  

Can I wash the Burlap?

We recommend spot cleaning all of our burlap products.  The next best option is hand washing. If you wash burlap with any loose edges it will fray and get a little messy.  Dry flat and then use an iron.  We do not recommend putting burlap in the dryer.

What is the best way to sew Burlap?

Any home machine in good working order can handle burlap.  If you are doing a lot of burlap sewing you will want to clean your machine periodically of the burlap lint.  Depending on what you are sewing it may also be helpful to do an zig zag stitch along all the edges before you get started. This will help prevent any unraveling or fraying while you are sewing.  Hand sewing and embroidery are also fun to do with burlap.  It is also a good rule to always increase your seam allowances for burlap.

Can I iron Burlap?

Yes! Many people find it to be very annoying to iron burlap, but a good steam iron will do the trick!  If you do not like the smell of burlap this will not be fun for you because while you are ironing the burlap smell will become noticeable even on the highest quality burlap.  Some people actually enjoy the smell of burlap!

Can I paint or print on burlap?

Yes! You can experiment with any water base paint to decorate your burlap.  You will need to decide what your end use is because some water base paints will wash out.  Any screen printing ink or acrylic paint will achieve a permanent print. The denser the weave of your burlap, the more crisp your image or design will be.  Our 11oz Linen Grade Burlap is ideal for getting great results with painting and printing.

Can I bleach burlap?

If you are experimenting with your burlap and you would like to see if you can lighten it, using a small amount of diluted bleach will help you achieve a lighter look.  This being said, to much bleach can also damage the burlap, so we recommend doing a test on a small swatch first.  Have fun! 

Can I dye burlap?

Yes!  Burlap is a natural fiber, so it will absorb low impact dyes and dyes available at craft stores very well.  The most important thing to remember when dyeing any fabric is to keep an open mind.  It may not always turn out exactly like the color you expected, but it will look good and you can always dye it again!  Have fun! 

Do you offer fake burlap or Faux Burlap?

Yes!  It is great option for those look for that great rustic burlap look. It is very popular option for table covering and napkins at rustic weddings. You can find it HERE.  You can also screen print and paint Faux Burlap just like natural burlap.

What are some of the most common uses for burlap?

Although burlap has become an ideal material for rustic weddings and crafting applications it has a long history in the United States for its effective use in packaging widely used commodities.  Due to its strength and low cost it is perfect for withstanding rough conditions in transit.  Gardening grade burlap is commonly used in landscaping as a ground covering and around tree bases.  It is also great for slowing the drying of concrete preventing cracking.  As textile technology continues to advance the uses of this great biodegradable sustainable fiber continue to spread.  

Is Burlap made in the USA?

Burlap is made from Jute which is primarily grown and harvested in India. Raw burlap is sent to the USA where is is transformed into a finished product through adavanced dyeing, scouring & finishing methods.  

What are the different types of Burlap?

Burlap is widely used only second to cotton by all kinds of industries worldwide, so the quality can vary depending on its intended use.  Gardening grade burlap is a loose weave burlap and very light.  Our linen grade 11oz burlaps are called "linen grade" because the process they undergo makes them perfect quality for any table linen or home decor application.  We also carry a heavyweight high quality 22oz Burlap that is rare & perfect for a more refined rustic look.  Our 9oz burlap is great cost effective way to get some fun colors for all crafting projects.

Is burlap water repellant?

Its better to call it "Weather Resistant".  Burlap will absorb water overtime, but can withstand repeat wetting and drying without compromising the strength or look of the fabric. Jute is a naturally biodegradable earth friendly fiber, which is why burlap is an ideal covering for soil.