The Best Burlap for Table Cloths and Table Runners

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Burlap is one of the easiest and cost friendly ways to create a cohesive look at a party.  We offer 60" Burlap that is perfect for covering a table without having to do any sewing!  Just leave the edges raw. Check out the photo by 100 Layer Cake below!  You don't need ruffles or trims, just the beauty of the burlap is enough.  If you are interested in combining Burlap with Canvas we have canvas at our "Mothership Store" , Big Duck Canvas.  If you like the look of burlap, but want something a little more refined our Faux Burlap comes in 3 earthy shades that look just like burlap. It is soft and lint free.  

Click HERE to see some great burlap products for tablecloths!

The best Burlap for Tablecloths

Photo by 100LayerCake

How to Make Your Own Lace Printed Burlap

The 11oz Burlap is ideal to get some nice crisp lines.  It is always a great idea to do a little test first, so you can see how much spray paint to use.  The spray paint in the picture is the very basic hardware store spray paint. Fabric spray paints are available in craft stores [...]

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Heavyweight Canvas Burlap is HERE!

Have you ever wanted to combine the look you love about burlap with the heavy duty canvas weave?  If you are not a textile geek like us you may have never thought about it, but it had to be done!  We are happy to say this product is officially in stock! There are endless products [...]

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The Place for Wholesale Burlap!

Welcome to the first blog post from The Burlap Factory.  The same team you might have worked with at Big Duck Canvas is excited to offer a place to better serve Burlap customers with the same great prices and service. Thank you for being some of our first visitors. We hope you enjoy browsing our store.  All [...]

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